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Signs that You are Overweight


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Keeping fit is the best gift you can give your body especially when you are advancing in age. Sometimes we take our bodies for granted until we realize too late how each organ contributes significantly to our well-being.

Overweight might lead to obesity, which is a disaster to any human being who cares living a long life.

Below we discuss some of the signs that your body is becoming too big to function normally:

1. Breathing difficulties
When you are relaxing in a room you realize that your heart is heavy, you can’t even breath through your nose. In most cases, you breathe through your mouth.

This is a clear indication that you are overweight, and if you are not careful you might develop a chronic disease.

2. Can’t perform heavy tasks
When you were young and slim, you could fetch water, clean the house, wash clothes and do all the household chores without asking anyone for help, but it has reached a time when even washing your body is a problem. If you try a task, you find yourself giving up on the way and calling for help.

3. Can’t walk for a long distance
When you were in school, you used to walk even 2 kilometers without caring much about the distance, but as you start eating and eating, you realize that the most you can walk is 10 metres, the rest is either driving yourself or being driven. You are risking your life, it’s time you change your eating habits and start practicing.

4. Sweating a lot
Overweight people have too much fat; they have to sweat a lot every time they try a simple task so that they can shade some fats. It’s rare to get a slim man/woman sweating after walking for just 10 minutes, but fat women/men do.

5. When every cloth in a normal boutique cannot fit you
You walk in every boutique in town searching for a trouser to wear to work on Monday. After checking shop after shop you realize that no cloth is big enough to fit you. This is enough to make you a worried man.Every boutique has clothes for people of all sized but if you are abnormally big then you have to get one from a special tailor.


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