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How to Make Money through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Making money through Facebook,Twitter and Instagram is the best thing to happen to any person with entrepreneurial mind.You can make up to $1,000 daily from you Facebook Page,Instagram or Twitter.But this depends on the techniques you employ.

Social media has become part of people’s lives. Over 3 billion people around the world use social media each day to communicate with loved ones and also get informed on the current affair.

With the ever increasing number of social media users, entrepreneurial opportunities are created for anyone keen enough to exploit them. Such opportunities are numerous and several people have earned millions of dollars through cleverly coming up with innovative ideas which attract money.

The following are ways of making quick money through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

1. Administering Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Pages for Celebrities/Politicians/Popular personalities/Companies
It’s hard for any popular personality or a company to keep updating the public on social media about current affairs in their organizations since management does not have time on their disposal. As a Social Media Expert, you can approach such a company and request them for such services.

If you have a Facebook account with huge fan page that could provide ground for negotiations.

Politicians also strive to remain relevant all the time, so having a social media page helps them connect with young people to increase popularity. Since these people are busy, they won’t get time to operate their Facebook or Twitter Pages. This is a wonderful opportunity for you.

Running a Facebook Page for companies and popular personalities will earn you decent income.

2. Starting Facebook /Instagram/Twitter Pages and selling them to companies once they get popular
Start a page with a unique name, and then identify a new company which is desperate to grow. Negotiate the price based on the number of likes and make a kill.

3. Advertise products on your Page
If your Facebook and Twitter pages are run professionally, you will find several people and companies requesting to advertise products on your page. The more the page grows the more it gets recognition.

If a company approaches you for advertisement services, charge them on daily basis and you will smile all the way to the bank.

4. Use your Pages to advertise your professional services
If you are a professional photographer Instagram will provide a wonderful opportunity to showcase your talent. People will notice your skills and come for your services.

Facebook and Twitter can also give people opportunities to recognize your work and contact you for services. You can use the platforms to market your blogs and websites because this is the only way people will know that you exist.