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How to get Compliance Certificate from Helb Kenya


A compliance certificate is obtained from helb offices at Anniversary towers once an individual has completed paying helb loan.Nowadays,it’s hard to get some jobs without having cleared from helb.This certificate is a document that you present to employer to show that helb have recovered their loan from you.The process of getting a compliance certificate is as follows.

Visit helb offices at Anniversary Towers ground floor where you will be issued with a form to fill your details.

The following documents are required:
If you were NOT A BENEFICIARY of Government of Kenya/ HELB university education sponsorship scheme, please provide the following:
• Duly filled Enquiry Form
• Letter by the applicant confirming they did not benefit from MOE/HELB Loan
• Copy of your high school examination certificate
• University/College transcripts and Graduation certificate
• Copy of national ID (both sides)
• Employer appointment letter
• A bank slip of Ksh.1000 paid to
ACCOUNT No. 1104 823 047
ONLY the NAME and ID NO of the applicant should be indicated on the deposit slip
There are no any other charges for this service.

Note: Ensure that you are paying your helb loan if you were a beneficiary before you go for a Certificate of Compliance.
Loan defaulters are required to pay a penalty of Ksh 5,000 monthly.