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Best towns to Start business in Kenya and get high profits


When it comes to business,the town you set it up matters a lot.Before you even set your sight on specific type of business,consider having it in the best towns,one that can promise high profits.

Looking at all the towns in the republic of Kenya,the following are the best places to operate your business.

1. Kisii
Kisii town is located in Western parts of Kenya. Majority of the residents in this town are Kisiis but there are also the Kikuyu, Somali, Luos and few Luhyas.

The town is highly populated ,which makes it one of the best towns to launch a business venture in the country.

Kisiis practice farming; they plant tea, bananas, sugarcane, and maize, which attract buyers from the entire East African region,thus making them one of the richest tribes in the country.

Due to the fact that there is a lot of money circulating in the area, the large population and security, the town is considered ideal for business.

In 2007, this was among the few towns where post-election violence did not occur. Most of the Kikuyu who were affected in Kisumu and western Kenya settled in Kisii town.So, during elections you don’t have to worry about dangers posed by election losers.

2. Nakuru
Nakuru is a cosmopolitan town but dominated by the Kikuyu,Kisii and the Kalenjin communities.

The town is very peaceful and the cost of starting and operating business is not high like many other towns in Kenya.

One of the most attractive features of the town is that it’s located between Nairobi and Western Kenya,implying that your business will be accessible by people from both regions .

Nakuru has also Lake Nakuru National Park where thousands of tourists visit every day, they can be your customers.

3. Narok

This is one town which is underestimated ,but very ideal for business. The town is very attractive especially in terms of the cost of starting business.

Narok is also a place where most buses and matatus which ply along the Nairobi-Kisii route make stops for meals.

The town is also near  Maasai Mara game reserve, which attracts thousands of tourists annually with millions of dollars.

You won’t go wrong by opening a hotel,Mpesa shop,tour guide company,a salon or a pub.

4. Mtwapa
This small town in the famous Coastal city is the most visited town in Kenya by tourists. Though the town is small, a lot of money circulates here.

If you intend to start business then consider Mtwapa as your first priority.

5. Thika
Thika is in the outskirts of Nairobi and is one of the fastest growing towns in Kenya.

Though starting business in Thika town can be a bit expensive, profits are guaranteed.

It is highly populated, and due to the fact that the Thika super High way passes through this town ,it is regarded as one of the most ideal for business.


Nairobi has estimated population of 5 million and most of these people are employed.Since it’s the capital city of Kenya,most companies are located there.

Starting business in Nairobi is hard but if you have at least Ksh 100,000 you can start small and grow with time.

There are so many opportunities in Nairobi for entrepreneurs who are aggressive enough to attract customers to their business.


Busia town is situated very close to Uganda border and it’s among the busiest towns in Kenya.

Since it’s bordering Kenya and Uganda,there is unending movement of people withing the border thus providing opportunities for business.


The influx of tourist to the town is enough to make any business oriented individual consider setting up a business venture in the area.Recreation facilities,hotels and pubs are among the best businesses to set up in Malindi town.