Where rental offices are cheap and spacious in Nairobi


Putting up a business in Nairobi require a room or office where visitors locate you.Many people would prefer cheap and spacious offices so as to minimize operating costs.

Rental property is among the few lucrative businesses in Nairobi, with property owners raking in millions of shillings every month.There are several office spaces  to rent in Nairobi area,which vary depending on the size and location.Some of the best places to get cheap apartments include Nairobi Westlands,Ngong Road,Mombasa Road,Jogoo Road,Langata Road and Along Thika Road.

Starting and running a successful business in Nairobi depends on the location of your business and the total cost of running the business. However, as much as you would want to minimize operational costs, the business rent will significantly push the total cost up.

As you prepare to look for a suitable office to rent, we give you a rough idea of what you expect in Nairobi
If you want to put up a business, say a single room office in Nairobi CBD, you need at least Ksh 100,000 for good will. This is applicable in places like Biashara Street, University Way, Utalii Lane, Near Ukulima House, Kenyatta Avenue, Moi Avenue, Mama Ngina Street and around Ngara.

The cost of monthly rent varies depending on the street. For Instance, streets with less traffic don’t attract business, and the houses there are cheaper as compared to busy streets. If you don’t have enough cash, you can look for a good office around Utalii Lane, Biashara Street and Ngara.The monthly rent for a single room is around Ksh 35,000-Ksh 50,000 depending on the size.The first month you rent the room you must pay three months deposit plus good will in some cases.

In addition, if you have Ksh 250,000 you can have an office room in Nairobi CBD, the price can significantly reduce if the good will is scrapped.

If you want to have a bigger office near Nairobi CBD with the same price as those in Nairobi CBD, then you can go to Kileleshwa where bedsitters are converted to offices. A single bedsitter can cost Ksh 20,000-Ksh 30,000.

Hoping that you require a bigger office with two rooms in Nairobi CBD, you need at least a monthly rent of between Ksh 50,000-Ksh 80,000.If you are required to pay three months deposit then you require around Ksh 300,000 plus goodwill, totaling to Ksh 400,000