Where to get Cheapest Bed Sitters and Single Rooms in Nairobi (Ksh-5,000-Ksh 9, 000)



Bedsitters and single rooms are the ideal rooms to rent in Nairobi when you don’t have a big family or when you are limited in terms of finances.There are estates where you can find such rooms with excellent finishing and with plenty of water.

Bed sitters are common in Nairobi because they are self-contained. Every Estate has houses with bed sitters, but not all estates have cheap ones.Apartments in areas like Embakasi,Donholm,Umoja,Tassia,Rongai,Githurai,Kahawa West,Juja,Roysambu and Langata are designed in such a way they can accommodate more bed sitters than one bedrooms.They usually attract those with low salaries and people who are not employed.

The following are estates where you can find cheapest bed sitters:

Kayole is next to Komarock and you can get a bedsitter as cheap as Ksh.4, 000 and as high as Ksh.6, 500.

A single room goes for Ksh.2, 000-Ksh.5,000

This is one of the cheapest estates in Nairobi but it has huge number of jobless youths most of who are fresh graduates and school drop outs.

It’s one of the oldest estates in Nairobi and almost all the houses in the estate are not flats.

A bedsitter in this estate goes for Ksh.5, 000-Ksh.7, 500

A single room goes for Ksh.3, 500-Ksh.6,000

These estates are close to each other and they’re situated in Eastlands.They are among the most populous estates in Nairobi but most people like to live here.

We would highly recommend anyone fresh from college or newly employed to seek a room in one of the three estates.

A bedsitter goes for Ksh.5, 500-Ksh, 10,000 depending on the services offered in a building.

A single room goes for Ksh.4, 000-Ksh.6, 000

Ngara estate is very close to Nairobi Central Business district but houses in this area are very cheap due to college students who opt to live there so that they cannot be late for classes.

A bedsitter goes for Ksh.6, 000-Ksh.10, 000

A single room goes for Ksh.4, 000-Ksh.7, 000

Situated in Eastland, Pipeline is a good estate to start live and perhaps save some coins to help you during hard times.

Bedsitter goes for Ksh.4, 500-Ksh.8, 500

A single room goes for Ksh.2, 500-Ksh.6, 000

Githurai is highly populated and is situated along Thika road near Kenyatta University main campus.

Bedsitter goes for Ksh.4, 500-Ksh.8, 500

Single room goes for Ksh.3, 000-Ksh.6, 000

Rongai is around 10 kilometers from Nairobi City Center and it’s among the fastest growing towns in Nairobi.
Single room goes for Ksh.3, 000-Ksh.6, 000
Bedsitter goes for Ksh.4, 000-Ksh.8, 500


They are neighbouring Githurai and the most preferred estates by professionals who are neither rich nor poor.

A bedsitter goes for Ksh.6,000-Ksh.10,000

A single room goes for Ksh.3,500-Ksh.6,000


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