How to Choose best Company name:Business Ideas


Choosing the right name for a company is very important for any entrepreneur who wants to make extra ordinary profits.Before you decide to start any business,ensure that you have a collection of names in which you can choose a single name from.A good name can sell your products even without your physical presence.Business may stagnate if you don’t have appealing name for your customers.

Below is how to choose the right name for your business.

Make it Unique
In order for someone to memorize your name especially if it’s for a new company ,it should be unique. How do you make it unique? The first step is to search related names online and if they are many then Google will rank you poorly especially if the traffic you’ll be getting is low.

Ensure that your name gives a clue on which products and services you’ll be dealing with
The company name should provide a clue on the kind of products you deal with. If it’s human resource services then ensure that you have the word “careers ,”recruitment”,or “jobs” combined with another word.

Ensure it’s simple and easy to remember.
If you want the company name to be popular then you must ensure that it’s simple and easy to memorize.Don’t choose a  name which is too long that can be difficult for anyone to remember.

Don’t copy
Many will come up with names like Guugle, Fecebok just because Google and Facebook exist. People will not take you seriously. Let the name be original and more importantly it shouldn’t sound like those of big companies.


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