Mzee Meza Galana, the national anthem hero, is dead


mzee galana
Mzee Meza Galana, the man who composed the National Anthem, is dead.

Galana was rushed to Hola District Hospital on Tuesday after developing breathing problems. He however breathed his last on Thursday evening.

The National Hero was instrumental in composing the National Anthem, which Mzee Jomo Kenyatta requested to be adopted as the official Anthem. Since then, the song has been sung throughout the world during major events where Kenya is participating.

Despite doing all the wonderful things for the country, the Government forgot him and concentrated on sycophants. In fact,Mzee Galana was poorer than an average poor person in Kibera.When Citizen TV crew visited his home two years ago, the entire crew had a moment of silence, wondering how the Government forgets its heroes and awards useless people. The station later built a house for the Mzee.

Mzee Galana spent his youth as a teacher of music, Kiswahili and Mahtematics.Rest in Peace


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