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Best professional courses to study between CPA, CIFA,CICT,ACCA and CFA


Due to the large number of professional courses in Kenya,a student is forced to chose the best professional certification,which will bost their chances of landing best paying careers.

When it comes to choosing the best professional course,many people often get confused.The idea that there are a variety of many courses-CPA, CIFA,CICT,ACCA and CFA-makes it hard for students to pick the beast. More often they chose what they see their peers pursuing,which is misleading.That’s why you need to be well equipped with information on the ideal professional certification to prepare yourself for the job market.

Students from Bcom,Economics,Statistics,BBA,BBM,IY and Computer Science are encouraged to pursue professional courses alongside their degree studies.By doing so,they increase their marketability and stand out.

Before you decide to enroll for any course, you should first evaluate yourself and determine what value that course will add to your career. Below we discuss each of the three aforementioned professional courses; who, when and how to study them.
Certified Public Accountants (CPA)
This is the most common course for Finance and accounting professionals. Though the course is good, you should first check whether what you specialized in college go hand in hand with it.If you specialized in accounting, then go ahead and pursue it ,but for other professionals like Statisticians,Economists,Mathematicians and other social sciences, please consider pursuing CFA.

If you are already an accountant,meaning you specialized in accounting in college, then this is the best course for you ,but if you are an Investment Analyst then consider pursuing CFA .

ACCA is ideal for people who have specialized in Accounting and Finance.The course can also be pursued by other professionals who intend to be Accountants or finance professionals.

For those who want to work outside their countries as accountants or finance experts,ACCA is the course to pursue.It has a good reputation globally because the content incorporates all aspects of accounting and sufficient content on auditing.

ACCA is better than CPA especially if one intends to work with multinationals or outside their countries.

If you intend to major in Finance then CFA is even better.

Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA)
It is among the best professional courses on earth. Once you become a Chartered Financial Analyst, everyone in that field will be aware you exist.

Chartered Financial Analysts are highly skilled in investment matters, earn huge salaries and they are a respected lot.

If you’d love to get a quick promotion at your work place and perhaps become a CEO, go for it,but be warned that it’s not easy to pass all the three levels examined in CFA. Most students who enroll for CFA either drop it or stagnate at level 1 ,but if you are good in mathematics you can easily complete the three levels within 3 years.

Mathematicians, Statisticians, Actuarial Scientists, Economists, and Financial experts are the most ideal to pursue this course.


Certified Investment and Financial Analyst Courses is one of the newest courses in the country but has grown tremendously;it has also attracted attention from outside the country.If you intend to work in investment industry,this is the course to study.It is also the best alternative to CFA.


CICT is suitable for IT and computer science related professionals.The course can also be pursued by people who want to join the field of programming and software development.