Shocking! Rev Lucy Natasha’s Church attended by MEN only


Lucy Natacha

Hottest Kenyan female Preacher Lucy Natasha has been trending in the media industry for her stunning looks; she is the lady behind Mike Sonko’s desire to get saved.

We all know that in every Kenya church, women in attendance must be more than men, but the shocking scenario is happening in Natasha’s ministry; the church comprises of 99 % men. We are not sure whether they genuinely attend to get saved or there is a hidden agenda.

Rev Natasha owns PROPHETIC LATTER GLORY MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL CHURCH, which has grown tremendously since Sonko exposed the cute lady. She now receives followers from as far as Uganda, who are even willing to listen to her past midday. Interestingly, members, who are mostly men, start arriving at the church 6 in the morning and by 8, the church is full.


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