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South Africa Women Caught Stealing Meat


woman meat

Two women believed to be from Kenya were caught stealing meat in South Africa.The two,who were about to escape through the main door of a meat processing company,were caught and paraded before a crowd.

The two women,who work at the Meat Processing Firm,were leaving work when they decided to stock the meat to sell in a nearby market.They staffed the meat around their waist until they were sure it was enough to last them  a month.

The cameras were not working when they were doing the evil.

Fortunately, they managed to pass through the main gate, but as they were negotiating a corner, a Security man noticed that something was amiss; their upper abdomen was abnormally big. He alerted other security personnel, who arrived in a split of a second.

After searching them for a while, they were shocked to see this the meet you see below…

woman meat 1


One of the women is said to be a Kenyan by the name Wanjiku. SheShe joined the company early last month.


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