How to Catch a man cheating in a relationship


kenyan man
Cheating is a common phenomenon in Kenya, a painful experience to the victim.

Though both men and women cheat, the degree of cheating exhibited by Kenyan men is extremely high. Majority of men cheat but few are caught.

If you have been troubled by your husband or boyfriend and you are wondering how to catch him pants down, follow our advice

First we present to you signs that your man is cheating

1. He never leaves his phone behind
A cheating husband will always carry his phone, fearing that his lover will call any time and mess up the situation. He will make sure that his wife does not get near his gadget.
2. He doesn’t allow wife/girlfriend to read Facebook inbox messages or emails
3. His character changes-he either starts behaving like and angel or becomes so arrogant.
4. He always moves away from you when someone calls, contrary to his usual character.
5. When you’re sleeping together, his phone is either off or in silent mode
6. When he arrives home late, he starts defending himself and talking too much even without a confrontation with the wife.
If your man arrives late and starts explaining where he was without being asked, then you should be 100 percent sure that he wasn’t doing anything good. A guilt person starts defending himself even before he is confronted.

Then, how do you catch this cheating man.Below is a strong advice.

When you detect signs that he’s cheating, don’t confront him immediately, just pretend that you are not aware and give him some 2 weeks. Men are not smart like women, he will finally expose himself.

• One evening, switch off your phone and wait until he arrives. Take his phone and start calling your mother, don’t ask him to give you because he won’t allow you to touch it. Go out of the room while communicating with your mother. Immediately you enter the next room, read his Facebook inboxes and his messages.

• Make sure you note who comments on his Facebook posts. If a certain lady is always commenting on his status updates and photos, if she is not a relative or former school mate (whom you know), then start investigating.

• When your man arrives home, try to always hug him, if he refuses then know that he has carries some unusual smell he doesn’t want you to notice-he is cheating.


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