Moses Wetangula to sue BBC


moses wetangula

Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula has indicated that he will sue giant media house BBC for soiling his good name.

Speaking to the press on Wednesday for the first time since his name was mentioned by BBC, Wetangula denied reports implicating him into corruption where he was accused of receiving bribes from cigarette manufacturer BAT.Investigations conducted by BBC indicate that in July 2012, Julie Adell-Owino,who was identified by BAT to strike a deal with the then Trade Minister Moses Wetangula , organized for Wetangula to fly on a business class plane to London where he was hosted at Globe House, which is the BAT headquarters. The report adds that Wetangula received ‘small thing’ in order to make BAT ‘feel comfortable in Kenya’.

Wetangula is not a happy man as he refutes claims that he received the bribe. Being a lawyer, he has vowed to teach BBC a lesson.He has also indicated that he might sue local dailies that carried out the report.

The Senator is also facing a political challenge; his name likely to miss in 2017 elections due to electoral misconduct. He was also named in Japan Embassy saga.


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