Tribes with most Prostitutes in Kenya



We know every tribe in Kenya has women with high standard of moral values. However, some tribes have majority of their women in prostitutions.

These women are very beautiful but the greed for money always drives them to perform the forbidden profession.

Based on in-depth research done by our correspondents, we came up with a list of tribes with the most prostitutes. Even if you go to Malaba, Bungoma,Machakos,Mombasa,Nairobi, Kisumu, Kisii or Nyeri, you won’t miss the tribes doing what they do best.

Kikuyu leads with the highest number of prostitutes followed by Kisiis.Kalenjins are missing from the list because they know what wife material mean.

  1. Kikuyu
  2. Kisii
  3. Luo
  4. Luhya
  5. Kamba
  6. Digo


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