List of MPs going for catering benchmarking trip abroad: going to learn how to cook


kenyan parliament

Kenyan MPs are preparing to tour several countries in a bid to learn various techniques of cooking and how best they can be served by Parliament Chefs.

A list has emerged showing the Members of Parliament who are very ready to spend tax for the exercise. Below is the list of MPS travelling abroad.

  1. The Hon. Janet Nangabo Wanyama, M.P.– Chairperson
  2. The Hon. Elijah Lagat, M.P. – Vice Chairperson
  3. The Hon. Mary Njoki Mbugua, M.P.
  4. The Hon. Francis Munyura Waititu, M.P.
  5. The Hon. Jane Machira, M.P.
  6. The Hon. John Njoroge Chege, M.P.
  7. The Hon. Benjamin Washiali, M.P.
  8. The Hon. Daniel Wanyama, M.P.
  9. The Hon. Boniface Gatobu Kinoti, M.P.
  10. The Hon. Mwinga Gunga, M.P.
  11. The Hon. Hellen Chepkwony, M.P.
  12. The Hon. Harrison Kombe, M.P.
  13. The Hon. Joseph Kiuna, M.P.
  14. The Hon. Susan Chebet, M.P.
  15. The Hon. Oscar Sudi, M.P.
  16. The Hon. Gideon Mwiti, M.P.
  17. The Hon. Hassan Dukicha, M.P.
  18. The Hon. Stephen Wachira, M.P.
  19. The Hon. Jakoyo Midiwo, M.P.
  20. Hon. Mwahima Masoud, M.P.
  21. The Hon. Kasuti Suleiman Murunga,M.P.
  22. The Hon. James Gesami Ondicho, M.P.
  23. The Hon. Nasra Ibren, M.P.
  24. The Hon. Otalo Raphael M, M.P.
  25. The Hon. Joshua Aduma Owuor, M.P.
  26. The Hon. Halima Duri Ware, M.P.
  27. The Hon. Nyiva Mwendwa, MP
  28. The Hon. Stephen Mutinda Mule, MP
  29. The Hon. Geoffrey Odanga Makokha, MP ‪


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