Top 5 Most Influential Youths in Kenya


vera sidika
1. Babu Owino
Babu Owino is the current Chairman of the powerful student organization union, SONU.The Institution has produced the most influential politicians in the country, among them Ababu Namwamba, James Orengo and a host of politicians both in the current and former August house.

Owino could easily enter the Guiness Book of Records as the sole individual who has held his current position three times. It’s hard to believe that someone of his caliber could clinch the seat thrice considering the tribal composition at the institution.

His star has grown thick, cascaded even outside the institution to make him one of the most influential youths in the country. Due to the respect he command, his voice is heard by even the President and of course the opposition and trade unions.

Babu Graduated with a first class degree in Actuarial Science from the University of Nairobi and he is currently pursuing a Degree in Law at the same University.
He is set to unseat current Member of Parliament for Westlands, Tim Wanyonyi.

2. Johnson Sakaja
Johnson Sakaja is arguably the most sober Member of Parliament in the current August House.

Before the 2013 general elections, his name was featuring nowhere, except on Facebook. But when Uhuru clinched the Presidential seat, everyone took to social media to praise the young guy who effectively coordinated Uhuru’s campaigns, significantly contributing to his victory.

President Uhuru Kenyatta saw something unique in Sakaja and proposed his name for the position of TNA Chairman.Sakaja didn’t disappoint, he perfectly played his assigned role, even exceeding the target.

The Actuarial Science graduate was later nominated by TNA to the Kenyan Parliament. He stands out as the only Member of Parliament whose opinion is taken seriously by even veteran politicians. He is down to earth and a source of inspiration to many youths.


3. Kevin Bahati
Kevin Bahati’s childhood life will make even the ruthless shed tears.Kevin grew up in Mathare slums, where affording a single meal per day is a blessing .He schooled at St Theresa’s Boys in Eastleigh where he attained a C+ in KCSE at 2011.

Due to financial constraints, the singer did not get a chance to join college; he resorted to joining music to feed his family.

He struggled during his early years in music until he released his first single, Barua.The song opened numerous opportunity for the gospel Artiste, who immediately got several endorsements from corporates amounting to millions of shillings.

He became popular and famous, with all his singles becoming instant hits as veteran gospel artistes became more sidelined by promoters and denied airplay by local TV and Radio Stations.

As his wallet became fat, he decided to adopt a child, who he named Bahati Morgan, something that even the who and who in the country have never dared to do.

In 2014, he was named male Artiste of the Year by the Groove Award.

The singer has a huge following, which ranks him among the most influential youths in the country.

4. Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni was born in Nairobi but grew up in USA where he worked as a truck driver before permanently relocating to Kenya.

The popular classic 105 presenter never proceeded beyond high school but his choice to venture into business has earned him both status and fame. He is arguably the richest Radio Presenter in the county.

His morning talk show became the most popular show in the country the moment his voice was first heard at Class FM.Currently, he is the most listened presenter in the country and his absence from the station will be greatly felt not only in Kenya but also in Sub Saharan Africa.

5. Vera Sidika
Hate her or love her, Vera has made a name and majority of Kenyan youths adore her, not because of what she does but her personality.

She makes news when she wants and never bothers to respond to millions of negative energy trailing her.

Vera is sensitive to fashion and she knows the taste of Kenyans. Her social media drama makes every blogger glued to her Instagram and Twitter accounts. She represents a new generation who never follow the wind but force the wind to change the tide.


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