Donald Trump requests Obama to ban all Muslims  from Travelling to USA


donald trump

Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has called for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until the country figure out what is going one.

Trump, who is the Republican front runner, explained that allowing free entry of Muslims to the Christian dominated country, USA, would endanger the lives of citizens

“I call upon the government to bar all Muslims from visiting USA until we are assured of total security”, said the business mogul in a press release.

Trump was reacting to last week’s incident in San Bernardino, California where several American Citizens were shot and killed by ISIS sympathizers. The incident, which was heavily criticized, drew mixed reaction from several leaders, including Trump, who requested President Obama to take stock of all mosques in America to determine whether they could be providing refuge for ISIS fighters.

Trump’s statement on Muslims has thrilled his fans who see the action as the best remedy for terrorism activities, not only in America but world over. However, his opponents could capitalize on the statement to accuse him of trying to bring religious divisions.



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