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Best and profitable business to do in Kenya



Business is the best alternative to employment in Kenya as it offers opportunities to individuals to exploit their talents as well as make the best out of the available opportunities.

Venas News has sampled a variety of businesses you can do in Kenya even if you don’t have capital.

The following is a list of all the business you to do in Kenya. You only need to select what suits you from the best and start even today.Remember,if you have a good idea, don’t wait for tomorrow, start today.

  1. Arts and Craft
  2. Babysitting
  3. Bartender
  4. Bead making
  5. Bee-Keeping
  6. Blogging-this is a lucrative career in Kenya
  7. Bodaboda business
  8. Buy and Sell Phone Credit Cards
  9. Buy and Sell sachet water (packs)
  10. Buy expired domain names and resell
  11. Cabbage farming
  12. Car wash
  13. Carpentry
  14. Content developer for social media
  15. Customized African Slippers, maasai kangas.
  16. Designing of websites
  17. Direct Sales Marketer.
  18. Disk Jockey-DJs are paid well.
  19. Fashion Accessory Business
  20. Fresh fruit Juice maker
  21. Fruit Supply
  22. Fruit Vendor/Outlet.
  23. Graphic designing
  24. Gym/Personal trainer
  25. Home gardening
  26. Home Laptop Repair Centre
  27. Home Laundry Service Provider
  28. Home makeup services
  29. House Cleaning services
  30. House-Helps Home Directory Service
  31. Interior Decor
  32. Kinyozi
  33. Landscaping
  34. Lawn mowing, weeding grass in your neighborhood
  35. Makeup Artiste
  36. MC services and event organizer
  37. Mobile app developer
  38. Music Teacher
  39. News Article Editor
  40. Offer home delivery services-this can be done for people who are extremely busy
  41. Offer soft loans
  42. Pet Care, especially in posh estates in Nairobi
  43. Phone repairs
  44. Photo and video editor
  45. Photographer
  46. Public Speaker
  47. Rearing grass for hay
  48. Recycling business
  49. Running errands for busy business people
  50. Salon
  51. Sell beverages at church or events, or at busy streets
  52. Selling customized phone accessories
  53. Selling fish
  54. Shoe polishing
  55. Shoe-maker
  56. Smartphone repair
  57. Social media management (managing Facebook and Twitter accounts)
  58. Special packaged eggs
  59. Teach a skill you know for a fee, like data analysis
  60. Tomato farming
  61. Translation, especially in church and during events like political functions.
  62. T-Shirt Designs and Embossing
  63. Tuition classes
  64. Water Melon Farming
  65. Water-supplier using tanks
  66. Write online articles
  67. Selling motor vehicle spare parts
  68. Selling mitumba clothes
  69. Poultry farming
  70. Matatu business
  71. Motor cycle spare parts business
  72. Boutique business
  73. Taxi services
  74. Manicure pedicure
  75. Hawking
  76. M-Pesa business
  77. Fast food restaurant
  78. Photocopying, scanning and printing business
  79. Owning a general shop
  80. Gaming business
  81. Pub
  82. Pool business
  83. Children Recreation centre
  84. Car tinting


Most of the businesses we have listed above are very profitable. What they need is someone who is ready to be successful in the business world.


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