How To Keep Your Stomach Flat



1. Drink a lot of water before and after you eat

Water is very essential to our bodies. Once you drink a lot of water you trick your stomach into believing that it’s full thus reducing the chances of over eating.

Water also helps improve the process of digestion hence reducing the chances of allowing more fats to accumulate in the body.

2. 25 crunches before bed, 25 crunches when you wake up
This exercise helps to relax the muscles .You can shed a lot of fats if you practice this daily.

Create a habit of either going to the Gym or performing this at home.

3. Don’t eat 4 hours before you go to bed

Retiring to bed immediately you finish your supper is suicidal. Ensure that you give your body at least five hours to digest the food that you have consumed.

Digestion normally takes at least 5 hours and if you allow the body to perform it daily then you can be sure of having a flat stomach.

When you are asleep you the body undergo what we call Basal Metabolic Rate which is only important in keeping your body alive; it implies that the food you eat immediately you retire to bed is digested the following morning.


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