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How to Register a Sole Proprietorship Company in Kenya


Registering sole proprietor business in Kenya is a very simple process given that there is Huduma centre that deals with the process of registering all types pf companies.

Since most of us won’t manage a business as a partner,sole proprietorship is ideal.Some of you are wondering why you should register your company.Well,if you see an attractive tender being advertised and you decide to apply for it,if your company is not registered then you won’t win the tender.

Sole proprietorship is a business entity that is owned and run by one person. The owner is in direct control of all elements and is legally accountable for the finances of such business which include debts, loans and loss. Registration of sole proprietorship is easier than registering a partnership or a limited company.

Requirement for registration of Sole proprietorship business in Kenya
Business Name:

Conduct a name search

This is the first and most important process in registering any business.Name search can be done in any HUDUMA centre or you can use the mobile device to access this service.Simply dial using *271#. You can also call the contact centre at 070115595

Once you are through with name search, ensure you use the same name to register your business.

Postal Address and physical location of the business.
Before you think of registering a business ensure that you have a valid postal address number.

Nature of Business.
You should clearly specify the kind of business to conduct and don’t generalize. During registration this is one area that gives applicants hard time. The nature of business can be .research, staff placement, Environmental Impact Assessment, etc. But don’t just indicate that you are going to do consultancy: that is more general.

Exact Location of your business.
You must provide Plot Number and Street Name
Copy of ID or Passport.
Copy of College Certificate
Passport Photo

Copy of KRA Pin Certificate

BN2 Form
This form is very important because you will be required to fill all your personal information there and submit it with other documents. You can download it online or you get it from any Cyber in Nairobi if you are based there. The form usually costs Ksh 10.

It is better to register your business and have a certificate due to tendering process that require anyone with the hopes of winning a tender to have a registration certificate.