Ahmed Darwesh is Dead


Ahmed Darwesh

KTN Kiswahili Anchor, Ahmed Darwesh, has passed on.

Ahmed died on Monday, December 14 2015 after battling with diabetes for several years.

According to his relatives, the news anchor was found unconscious on a sofa set in his home shortly after arriving at his house in South C. He was transferred to Mater Hospital where he gave up the ghost.

He is regarded as one of the best presenters in the country; he had excellent command of Kiswahili language.Ahamed has served KTN for over half a decade. Even when KTN was undergoing restructuring, he was retained because he was so resourceful-irreplaceable.

The celebrated Anchor will be buried today according to Islam religion.

The year 2015 has been the worst for the media industry in the country. This year alone Citizen TV lost Kevin Rost, who was Tahidi High actor; they also lost Inspector Mwala’s Bonny Bokelo.


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