Most Useless Science degree courses in Kenya: They are not marketable


university of nairobi

Universities in Kenya offer several courses they believe can generate income: few universities consider job market and the value degree courses will give a student.

Currently, unemployment rate in Kenya is extremely high. Shockingly, very few courses are marketable.

We have witnessed cases where graduates knock office to office seeking employment but they are turned away because they courses are simply useless.

Following the current job market in Kenya, the following science courses are simply not so appealing to employers.

  1. Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology
  2. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences
  3. Bachelor of Science (general)
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Development
  5. BSc. in Agriculture
  6. BSc. in Applied Aquatic Sciences
  7. BSc. in Biochemistry
  8. Bachelor Of Science In Horticulture
  9. Bachelor Of Science In Environmental Chemistry
  10. Bsc Chemistry
  11. Bsc. (meteorology)
  12. Bsc.(biology)
  13. Microbiology And Biotechnology
  14. Bsc. Analytical Chemistry