Signs that your boyfriend will not be a good husband: Dump him


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Marriage is something every lady look forward to. But wise ladies never rush to make decisions; they ensure that their boyfriends have all the qualities every woman desire.

If you have dated for at least two years then you have a clue who your boyfriend is.But today I would like to share with you clear signs that your boyfriend will never be a good husband.

He complains whenever you ask for money

A good man can complain once, twice but not always. If your boyfriend always complain whenever you ask him for money yet you know he has some cash, how do you think he will treat you when he is fully yours! A good man explains the reason for denying you the money before he complains.

He always talks about alcohol, women and partying

If you have such a man you better dump him today. A serious man should always discuss investments, children and family—not girls and alcohol.

Once a man has started dating, the idea of discussing and admiring girls should end immediately, but if yours has that habit be sure he will cheat on you again and again.

He is a batterer

A good boyfriend should not raise a finger on his girlfriend. If your man has ever slapped you or beaten you whether in public or in the bedroom, please terminate the relationship today.

A violent man should not be given a room in marriage.

Never respects your family

You introduce your family to him and since he is financially stable and yours is humble, he is all over calling them names and treating them as if they are a burden to him. This man should be dumped.

Embarrasses you in public

A husband material man should respect his girlfriend no matter the circumstances. If the man does not show you respect; uses abusive language and looks down upon you even in front of a crowd, please dump him.

He is weak in bed

If your man does not satisfy you in bed,don’t even bother to continue dating him.Dump him or you face consequences in future.


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