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Shocking facts about Kamba women



Kamba tribe is an indigenous group with a significant number living in Eastern parts of Kenya. Their women are among the dominant groups in the country with a sizeable population in foreign countries.

Below are basic characteristics of Kamba women

They are beautiful

Kamba ladies are the most beautiful women in Kenya. Their beauty is natural.

More than 80 % of the women from Kamba land are classified as beautiful as compared from their counterparts from other regions.

It’s very hard to find a Kamba lady bleaching the skin or modifying her body organs to look beautiful; she is just naturally beautiful.

They love s€x

Kamba ladies love s€x to the extent of not letting their men rest.

If you manage to travel abroad for at least a month and leave your woman behind, be sure she will ‘do it’ in your absence. They want it almost every day.

They are not expensive

Having a Kamba woman as a girlfriend or wife is stress free because she is not so expensive. All you need is to provide basic necessities and some luxuries to keep her comfortable.

These are the people who understand when a man is broke and when she has money. They give you time to find yourself without too much nagging.

They are not selective

Kamba women get married to any tribe; they don’t have boundaries.

They also date any tribe and any man regardless of social status.

Some are “loose”

A good number of Kamba women cheat on their boyfriends. It’s hard to find a Kamba lady dating a single man; they have a collection of men.

They love their language

Kamba women love their language; environment doesn’t change them. Speaking Kamba language is their hobby even if they are married to a mzungu.

They are submissive

Kamba women respect their husband a lot.They are not ‘independent women’ type even if they are doing better than their men.