Why Kenyan Women Love Nigerian Men


emmy kosgei

Nigerian men have raided our country for as long as am alive. Kenyan men have seen with their eyes, in broad daylight, how their women ‘easily’ follow what they think is best for them, Nigerian men.

First, I won’t deny that Nigerian Accent is the best; I also love the accent. Women don’t love boring men. In fact, several Kenyan women have confessed that our men are so boring, both in bed and during conversations. The Nigerian accent turns them on, even when they are not in the mood.

Emmy Kosgei is among a number of Kenyan women who have even left their careers to cross the border. In one interview, Emmy claimed her husband is more charming and way above Kenyan men in love matters. Even though she agreed being lonely in Nigeria, she showed no signs of regrets.

Every woman loves a generous man.The most motivating factor for Kenyan girls towards Nigerian men is their desire to spend on a woman they love. Kenyan men are known to be stingy; if they give, they must attach conditions.

A prophet is never loved at his home; Kenyan women are used to their men, which is why they don’t mind treating them like rubbish in front of a Nigerian man. They have developed the desire to experiment, and the Nigerians have emerged top among a variety of men our women wish to have fun with. History reveals that a Nigerian man knows how to treat a woman, which is why Kenyan women never hesitate to date these people.

It’s rare to find a Kenyan man treating his woman like a ‘queen’, but Nigerians do.


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