Best Stock brokers and Investment Banks to buy shares from in Kenya


When it comes to buying shares in Kenya,approaching a credible stock broker will ensure you never lose your cash.The best stock broker are those that every investor has confidence in;those that can offer you the best investment advise.

When it comes to saving money, even a joker has to be serious with his cash. Buying shares and investing in bonds are the main investment segments where an investor is assured of getting returns from his hard earned cash.

If you have extra money you want to invest in stock market, you can visit a stock broker and get direction on how to invest your cash in the Nairobi Securities exchange.

If you are not sure about the process of buying shares, then following the following process:
• Select a stockbroker/investment bank to help you with the process of buying shares.
• Open a CDS account.
• The stock broker /Investment bank will then guide you in buying shares upon which you will be issued with share certificate.

Ensure you carry your national identity card or Passport when approaching an Investment Bank or Stock Broker for share purchase.

The following are the best Investment Bank or Stock brokers to process your shares in Kenya
1. CFC Stanbic Bank
2. Dyer & Blair Investment Bank Ltd
3. Francis Drummond & Company Limited
4. Suntra Investment Bank Ltd
5. Old Mutual Securities Ltd
6. Kingdom Securities Ltd
7. Afrika Investment Bank Ltd
8. ABC Capital Ltd
9. Sterling Capital Ltd
10. ApexAfrica Capital Ltd
11. Faida Investment Bank Ltd
12. NIC Securities Limited
13. Standard Investment Bank Ltd
14. Kestrel Capital (EA) Limited
15. African Alliance Kenya Investment Bank Ltd
16. Renaissance Capital (Kenya) Ltd
17. Genghis Capital Ltd
18. CBA Capital Limited
19. Equity Investment Bank Limited
20. KCB Capital