Oh No! Look at How This Girl Was Lured Into a Cult and Now Faces Death For Threatening To Quit


Trish lolo Rizzah, popularly known as Wangare teresia waruguru, is the main mastermind of a group which recruits gullible girls into a cult with the promise of wealth and other enticing earthly materials.

A young University graduate was recruited earlier this year by Rizzah.Within a short time she was provided with everything an ordinary girl could dream of owning. She was living in a single room but the group managed to change her life; she now lives in a 4 bedroom house.

All hell broke loose when the poor lady decided to quit the group after she was ordered to sacrifice one of her relatives. She was reminded that all she owns belongs to the group and if she wants to see the New Year, she MUST not consider terminating her membership.

Below is a conversation between the girl and Rizzah


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