Arsenal Tops the English Premier League Again


As expected Arsenal, Manchester United and Manchester City won their matches on Saturday 2, 2016.
Arsenal defeated Newcastle 1-0 to remain top of the table. Manchester City on the other hand came from behind to beat a determined Watford 2-1.It was also a good day for the struggling Manchester United who beat Swansea City 2-1 to move to position 5 with 33 points.

It was a bad afternoon for Jurgen Klopp’s men who were outplayed, outclassed and out passed by West Ham United. Liverpool lost 0-2 to West Ham United.

Leicester City continued dropping points despite being resilient in the first half of the season.They are currently at position two with 40 points,2 points shy of league leaders Arsenal.

Bottom of the table is Aston Villa with 8 points.Only a miracle could save them from being relegated this season.


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