Mike Sonko Comes to the Rescue of The 87 Year Old Granny Who Was Jailed For Stealing Two Chairs



Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko secured the release of Risper Ongwena, 87, who was arrested earlier this week for handling stolen property.

Apparently, the 87 year-old Migori woman was not aware her grandson had stolen the two chairs. She was picked by the police from her home in Migori and put in custody as investigations continued.

Mike Sonko was moved by the incident and immediately decided to rescue the poor woman from the jaws of Kenyan Law.

After securing her release, Sonko posted the following on his Facebook page:

“Earlier today i dispatched my team to travel all the way to Migori County to rescue and secure the release of an 87yr old granny, RISPER ONGWENA who was remanded in custody for a period of more than one month. The granny was unlawfully incarcerated in remand prison for being in possession of two plastic chairs worth 800/= allegedly stolen by her grandson who the police had failed to arrest.

My special thanks go to the DPP Mr. Keriako Tobiko for ordering the prosecution to immediately release the granny but by the time the said verbal orders were issued the prosecution had not received the confirmation release documents of the same this forced my team to pay a cash bail of 5000/= which was imposed by the court”.