Why Hussein Muhammed Is Being Sought By International Media Houses



Citizen TV’s Hussein Muhammed is a man whose star keeps on shining each day. Sources close to the news anchor reveal that the top rated journalist is being sought by international media houses.

Hussein joined Citizen TV in 2008 and has since mastered the art of being nonpartisan and ever objective in his interviews. In the recent past, he has interviewed several politicians, including former Prime Minister. The way he conducts the interviews has significantly raised his profile, thus attracting the attention of foreign media.

Several international media houses have approached him in the past 2 months, according to one of his close associates. Though he is not in a hurry to move out of Royal Media Services, the promise of hefty pay might tempt him to change his heart.

We are reliably informed that Citizen TV might raise his salary, even double the pay to prevent him from leaving the station.



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