Bedsitter, Single room, one bedroom, two bedroom houses to rent in Kawangware.



Most houses in Kawangware are bedsitters, single rooms and one bedroom because many residents don’t have the financial muscle to rent more than a one bedroom house.

Kawangware is among the cheapest estates to live in Nairobi with sizeable number of good houses.

If you are looking for a house to rent in the area, below are the rental prices.

Single room =Ksh 3,500-Ksh5,000

Bedsitter=Ksh 4,500-Ksh 8,000

One bedroom=Ksh6,000-Ksh12,000

Two bedrooms=Ksh 12,000-Ksh18,000

Note that the fare prices from Kawangware to Nairobi town is Ksh30-Ksh 40 during normal hours and Ksh60-Ksh 80 during rush hours.



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