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Why you are not getting a job despite Sending Numerous Job applications



Getting a dream job is the best thing to happen to any graduate. It marks the beginning of a long and exciting journey. However, sometimes it becomes extremely hard to secure employment. This situation is often contributed by several factors which are in most cases not beyond the job seeker’s control.

I understand the frustrations of knocking more than 100 offices without anyone responding to your job applications- it’s heart breaking.

Jobseekers face a situation where they are unable to explain the reason behind their miseries. It’s so unfortunate that no employer would tell you why they rejected your application.

This article will emphasize on the reasons why no employer wants to hire you despite having the right qualifications.

You don’t answer interview questions as per employer’s requirements

Most companies have raised the bar so high that even an average job seeker cannot meet the minimum standards. Competition is very high which requires one to answer all the interview questions accurately.

Many candidates have a tendency of giving same answers in every interview question. Sometimes several companies may ask the same question but expect them to be answered based on their expectations and not what you read on websites.

Your job searching technique is outdated

A number of jobseekers concentrate on applying for jobs they see on newspapers; they don’t bother searching for jobs online.

For your information, there are a number of job boards and blogs with jobs that don’t appear on newspapers. To be honest, chances of getting a job you picked from a newspaper are very minimal because there are millions of people who have equally seen the job you have spotted.

You Cover Letter and Resume are of poor qualities

The most important documents in job search process are cover letter and resume. Without excellent cover letter and CV, your dream of securing a dream job will remain just a dream.

Having a professionally written resume and a neat cover letter will greatly boost your chances of being selected for that important interview.

It is better to spend $30 for a professional CV and get a job than spend nothing and remain a hopeless job seeker.

You don’t approach the interview with the seriousness it deserves.

Every interview requires thorough preparations in order to ensure you outshine your opponents. Having the right dress code will play a significant role towards your success in the interview. Your hair, nails and shoes should also be appealing to the interviewer.

One of the things that let most ladies down is the type of perfume or cosmetics they apply when facing the panel. Don’t overdo when it comes to make ups: please use simple make ups.

You pursued a course that’s not marketable

Sometimes a course you pursue in college plays a major role in determining how fast you secure employment. Due to regular changes in market demands, some courses become irrelevant over time. Even if you have the best qualification in your field of specialization, no one would come for you because there is no value you will have to an institution.

The best solution for this situation is to add a masters course or professionals qualifications such as CFA or ACCA.