This is The Woman Who Killed Diana Chelele, She Has Been Arrested



A woman who is believed to be the main mastermind behind the killing of Diana Chemtai has been arrested.

The former employee of Diana’s husband, Eric Musila, was arrested in Nairobi on Saturday night.

According to detectives, the CID Officers have been trailing a phone number which was used to communicate with Chelele days before her death. One of the officers claim the woman used the number to lay a trap for Chelele after a series of communications.

Musila also used the woman’s mobile phone to call Chelele on arriving in Kericho town on the night of January 6.They then switched it off till until the night of January 10.

Bomet CID Officers arrested her on Saturday night in Eastlands Nairobi after tracking the phone for almost 6 days. Fortunately, the phone was working and all the messages had not been deleted.

Eric Musila was arrested last week and is helping the police with information.