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Best Paying Diploma Courses in Kenya



It is estimated that over 500,000 Kenyans possess diploma qualification. However, not all diploma courses are well paying.

What is encouraging is that some diploma courses pay more than some degree courses. For instance, someone with a diploma in Electrical Engineering is likely to earn more than a degree holder teacher.

It is not also a surprise to find a nurse earning more than a graduate with a degree in tourism.

We therefore list diploma courses which pay extremely well despite being considered subordinate to degree courses.

  1. Diploma in Civil Engineering
  2. Diploma in Quantity Survey
  3. Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation
  4. Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies
  5. Diploma in Law
  6. Diploma in Piloting
  7. Diploma in Project Management
  8. Diploma in Pharmacy
  9. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  10. Diploma in Risk Management and Insurance
  11. Diploma in Film Production
  12. Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  13. Diploma in Clinical Medicine
  14. Diploma In Architecture
  15. Diploma in Business Information Technology

Courses like monitoring and evaluation are very marketable in the NGO sector. You can find someone with just a certificate in M&E from AMREF and earning over Ksh 100,000.

Another course that seems to be doing well in Kenya is Film Production. An individual has two options: he can either venture into self-employment or secure a job in one of the media houses in Kenya.

A cameraman with just a certificate earns at least Ksh 30,000 in Royal Media Services. But those who go into private business are much comfortable.

Architecture has cut a niche for itself. Regardless of where you start your career, this course will take you places. It is not a secret anymore that architects earn more than even doctors in Kenya.

I can confidently say that a course you pursue in college will greatly determine who you would be in the society