Coast Musician, Dazlah Kiduche, Impregnates a Girl But What Happened Afterwards Will Shock You



Popular Coast artiste Dazlah Kiduche is in real trouble after impregnating one of his fans and tried to evade the consequences.

The ‘Kide Kide’ hit maker did the act in November 2015 with a fan he collected at a popular restaurant in Mombasa. Unfortunately, the fan got pregnant and sent the musician information through SMS.

Shocked beyond repair, the musician told the fan to abort the kid. He gave her some cash to do the exercise but the fan refused to do as per Kiduche’s request. She told him to take the responsibility.

The incident has put the musician in trouble since he is already engaged to Liz Jahsolja, a Dubai based promoter and manager. The lady has vowed to end his music career.