Best Course to Study in Kenya Between Executive MBA and MBA



Executive MBA is one of the rare courses in Kenya and arguably the most marketable for professionals in various organizations.MBA is also appealing to business graduates as well as graduates from other fields of specialization.

Executive MBA courses is offered in Mount Kenya University, JKUAT, USIU and Strathmore University.MBA is offered in almost every university that exists in Kenya.

Apparently, very few Kenyans enroll for Executive MBA whereas almost every university admits at least 500 MBA students each year.

In the current Kenya, MBA is flooded, and anyone who thinks he will automatically secure employment after graduation will greatly be disappointed. I mean, you aren’t guaranteed with a job even if you have MBA qualification; jobs are scarce.

MBA belongs to individuals who are already in the payroll. However, if you have money you can as well study the course and become a part time lecturer with a meager salary of Ksh 25,000 per month.

Executive MBA belongs to people who have stayed in employment for a long period and want to learn more about management. It is not a course for people who are not sure about their future; it is for executives.

MBA is for anyone regardless of the field of specialization. Even if you are a Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer or Actuary, you are welcome to do the course.

One advantage of pursuing an MBA is that you can easily become the senior most in your organizations.

Courses like Statistics, Engineering and Procurement train an individual to be a specialist in their field; they don’t train someone how to manage people as well as assets. It is very hard for these professionals to rise in ranks within an organization unless they pursue MBA or Executive MBA qualifications.

In conclusion, Executive MBA is cool for people aiming at the senior most positions in organization while MBA is good for people who have just started their careers.


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