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Richest Youths in Kenya-Billionaires



In Kenya, wealth is equally distributed between the youths and the old. There are youths who are richer than the old generation, they are in fact wealth.

What is surprising is that the wealth list cuts across all tribes but more interesting is that it’s dominated by the Kikuyu tribe.

In this article, we list the wealthiest youths in Kenya and how much they own.

Brian Gacara –Ksh 5 billion

Kevin Muringa-Ksh 15 billion

Hussein Mohammed-Ksh6 billion

Steve Mbogo-Ksh12 billion

Mike Sonko-Ksh 23 billion

Hussein Mohammed-Ksh 4 billion

Martin Michuki-Ksh 14 billion

Mwanga Steve-Ksh 4 billion

Eric Kinoti-Ksh 11 billion

Maina Kageni-Ksh 1.5 billion

Jimmy Kibaki-Ksh 10 billion