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Wonders Will Never Cease! See Magufuli’s Sh 1000 Phone



John Pombe Magufuli is among the few people on earth fortunate enough to be Presidents but what has shocked Tanzanians is the kind of humility demonstrated by the former roads minister.

On Wednesday, he toured one of the business premises in Dar es Salaam where he managed to showcase his talent of tailoring. On the table was a phone estimated at Sh 1,000.

No one expects a President to own a phone cheaper than what an ordinary person owns but Magufuli did.So many people were embarrassed of what they saw on the table.

Since he became Tanzanian President, Magufuli has streamlined the system, making the country one of the most transparent and efficient young economies in East and Central Africa.

But what is being debated is the new law Tanzania passed barring women from wearing miniskirts in public. Many people argue that banning miniskirts is against the constitution and it infringes on women rights.