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Facts About a Degree and Diploma in Education, Jobs and Salaries in Kenya



A degree in Education is not marketable in Kenya any more and more than 60 % of graduates are desperate with their papers at home.

A course in education, whether diploma or degree, will not take you anywhere, especially if you want to be rich.However,there are few graduates who work with international schools like Brookhouse,Peponi School, Hillcrest,Brookhurt,Riara and other private schools that pay up to Ksh 300,000 per month.

If you are aiming at working with the government as a teacher, then you better be prepared to earn peanuts. You are all aware the average salary for a primary teacher is Ksh 15,000 while secondary schools teachers take home Ksh 30,000.These salaries are not enough to do something meaningful.

In order to be renumerated well, you have to seek opportunities in international schools and universities. But remember opportunities in these institutions are scarce since people know that’s where workers are renumerated well.

While other professionals are earing over Sh 100,000 in Kenya, teachers are still earning meager salaries. This is not fair. But you have no option but to work hard since you chose that path.

What is more discouraging Is that when other professionals get employed immediately after college, teachers have to wait at least three years to be considered by the government….and they end up earning a third of what a junior employee in an NGO earns.

Do you know that someone selling second hand clothes in Nairobi makes over Sh 2,000 per day yet the best you can make as a primary teacher per day is Sh 6,000…yet the mitumba dealer does not wear a suit.

I have seen many teachers who joined private business or private companies driving big cars and living in posh estates, while their counterparts in government driving nothing and living in slums.

To be a teacher in Kenya is tough!