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Kevin Bahati Quits Gospel,Gone Missing!



High flying gospel artist Kevin Bahati has gone missing after accusing fellow artiste, Willy Paul, of planning to kill him.

For the last two weeks, Bahati has been hiding; he has deactivated his Facebook Page, deleted his Instagram handle and remained mute on Twitter.

The gospel singer has gone underground as fans raise questions about his whereabouts. No one is able to explain what the young man is going through as everyone is kept guessing.

It is reported that Bahati told his closest friends that he intends to quit gospel for secular music.

We are aware Bahati’s rival, Willy Paul, has indicated on several occasions that he has tried to rich out to Bahati in a bid to iron out differences but in vain. The kitanzi hit maker has not given up, according to his latest Facebook update.

The two are bitter rivals, young with arguably the brightest future in the gospel industry. But the latest drama, which has ensued between the two, could possibly end the career of either one or both.