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Shocking Facts about Kalenjin Men



Kalenjin men are among the most popular groups in Kenya with a special accent.

There are special qualities that define Kalenjin men when it comes to relationship, marriage, dating, politics and financial management.

Some of the characteristics of Kalenjin men include;

  1. They are humble

Kalenjin men are the most humble tribe in Kenya. They are not carried away by wealth or social status.

These are the people who behave like low class citizens yet they have everything that could make them brag around.

  1. They make the best husbands

Kalenjin men play the role of father figure perfectly and they love their wives.

They are good providers and also romantic.

  1. They like being worshipped by wives

Kalenjin men like dominating in marriage. They hate women who compete with them in relationship and marriage.

A Kalenjin man never gives his wife a chance to contribute to family decisions.

  1. They are loyal

When a Kalenjin man tells you he will support you then be sure he means what he says, and when he says NO then take his answer very seriously.

When a Kalenjin man develops trust in you, he will stick with you to the bitter end.

  1. Violent

Despite being humble, a Kalenjin man sometimes has a character that doesn’t augur well for him. He is a man who can be extremely violent when irritated but a cool guy when in good terms with you.

  1. Intelligent

It is hard to find a Kalenjin man who does not connect ideas; he is a man who was created to reason and become innovative.

In school, for instance, a Kalenjin man is gifted and in a class of students from different tribes, you won’t miss a Kalenjin in top three when it comes to performance.

  1. They don’t know how to approach women

Almost 70 % of Kalenjin men don’t know how to seduce women. They might be having the feeling of talking to a lady but they don’t have the courage to approach her.

If another man takes the lady they were having a crush on, they will feel extremely irritated.