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Shocking Facts About Luo Men



Luo men occupy big offices in the world. Some of the greatest include Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga, U.S President Barack Obama and former trade unionist Tom Mboya.

This is one tribe which everyone adores both locally and internationally. However, there are traits which make them one of the most famous and loathed tribes in the entire continent. Some of the traits are amazing but others can simply be described by what you will see below.

  1. They are intelligent with excellent command of English language

Luo men are the most gifted characters in terms of both speaking and writing the English language; no tribe in Kenya can match these great people from the great lake, Victoria ,when it comes to the command of English language.

To add honey into sugar, research shows that Luo men were the first ones in Kenya to receive blessings of high IQ and thinking capacity. They can lead you in class until you give up.

  1. They like complaining of anything and everything

Luo men always complain even if they have everything they want. In offices they are the first ones to form trade unions and workers’ welfares….and actually become the leaders.

They always play the victims and would do everything to demonstrate to the world that the world is against them, when in the real sense nobody is concerned about their lives.

You would always find luo men leading trade unions and protests.

  1. They like showing off and bragging a lot

Swag belongs to Luo and Luo belongs to swag. Even when a Luo man earns peanuts he will still try to show others he has money. Sadly, when they are broke, they start complaining about how the employer is paying them peanuts.

A Luo man would own a Range Rover, live in posh estates and live large but with no house in the village and lots of bank loans to sustain his lifestyle.

  1. They know how to treat women

A Luo man is KING and would remain KING until Jesus comes. Kenyan women love Luo men because they know who the man is.

This guy would sacrifice everything to make his wife/girlfriend happy. He will not shy away from introducing his girlfriend to his peers

Luo men are the best men to date in Kenya.

  1. They must cheat on you

Women who date Luo men find it rough because this man is in demand. The man also becomes vulnerable because he knows women love him.

Even when a Luo man is walking alongside his girlfriend, his eyes must stray when he notices a beautiful girl.

  1. He doesn’t know how to invest

Even if a Luo man earns millions, he will still save all his money in banks, without knowing he is benefiting Kisiis and Kikuyu who own those banks. He believes having huge amount of money in banks is a sign of wealth…

  1. He is a friendly man when not provoked and violent when provoked

If there is a man who can make a good friend when you want to face an enemy, then a Luo man is the right man.

When in peace, Luo men are the friendliest. Their friendship is not plastic and they can do everything to make you feel happy the way they are.

  1. Charming

A Luo man is funny, humorous and charming.

In a conversation, people will always listen to Luo men because their words are sweet and moving.

A Luo man will always convince you with his words-no wonder women easily accept their advances.

  1. He is generous

There is no tribe in Kenya generous like a Luo man.If he tell you,’Leo ni kukunywa hadi asubuhi’, then prepare to feed until you say AMEN.

A Luo man does not fear spending even when he has little….women love such kind of people.


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