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Shocking Facts About Luhya Men



Luhya men are interesting tribe, whose behavior has been studied by many scholars and documented in several journals.

Some traits that cut across men from this tribe can make you laugh, even when you are not in good mood. Others are heavily borrowed from their neighbours,Kisii and Luo.

Below are shocking facts about Luhya men.

  1. They Like Food

No minute can pass without a Luhya man imagining of feeding on something. They love eating, everything and anything as long as they feel full. They always smile whenever they see food on the table and talk in loud voices when eating.

If you want to create enmity with a Luhya man, deny him food.

  1. They have likeable character

Luhya men are friends to anyone. They are interesting people to interact and spend time with.

If you want a genuine friend in Kenya then befriend a Luhya man.

  1. They hate each other

Luhya men don’t like each other, they hate helping one another, unlike Kisii and Kikuyu tribes.

You find a Luhya heading a big institution but when a relative begs for help in terms of money or employment he looks the other side.

  1. Secretive

Luhya men know how to hide secrets. It is hard to get a Luhya revealing to you what others are planning to do to you.

  1. They like marrying many wives

It is hard to find a Luhya man with a single wife. If a Luhya man gets promotion at work, the first thing he will do is to think of adding another wife.

Those men from western Kenya who are married in Nairobi and major towns also have wives at home.

  1. They love manual jobs

Luhya men love working as watchmen, drivers, messengers and house boys.

Luhya, Maasai and Kisii men love being guards, it’s their hobby.

  1. They are humorous

A Luhya man’s jokes can make you laugh uncontrollably-they are good at that.


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