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How To Dump a Cheating Boyfriend and Make Him Feel Useless



A cheating husband or boyfriend is not someone to be pampered with love, he belongs to hell!

It is painful when you realize that someone you love has been cheating on you even after making him aware you won’t tolerate the nonsense.

If you want that man to hate himself forever, implement the following ideas.

Befriend his best friend

Once you have broken up with your boyfriend, make sure you chase after his best friend-I know he won’t turn down the advances-then develop a relationship with him.

Once your ex-realizes that you are dating his best friend, he will hate himself and even contemplate committing suicide.

Just persevere for a while and dump him when he is too low.

Don’t dump him immediately you realize he is cheating on you…he won’t feel. Wait until when he is broke or seriously ill and dump him. Wait until when he is jobless and everything is going against him.

Get a child with him, if he is rich, and proceed to court for financial responsibility

Nowadays court don’t tolerate irresponsible man.If you find yourself having his child, run to court and ask for a lion’s share out of his wealth. Men hate this!

Once you have been awarded the money, cut links with him but maintain your bank accounts open.