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Shocking Facts About Somali Men



Somali men dominate Eastleigh, Mombasa and North Eastern parts of Kenya.

If you have never lived with them or interacted with a number to realize who a Somali is then get facts from this article.

Below are shocking facts about Somali men

They love each other

Somali men love one another. Unlike some of us who are individualistic, these people are ever united and always boost each other whenever monetary demands arise.

You will always find them eating together and sharing jokes as if none has ever offended another.

Shocking thing is how a group manages to eat rice full of soup from a big plate using bare hands without imagining one of them did not clean hands properly…this is a sign of love!

They are born entrepreneurs

Somali men are enterprising. They know where opportunities are found and travel in numbers to grab them. If one Somali realizes there is business opportunity in a small town, he won’t hesitate to venture into that business. He will later call family members and friends and soon you realize your town has been taken over by Somali…in terms of business.

They are perfect in bed

Don’t ever imagine that when someone is thin, he is useless in bed. These people can eat you until you dump your boyfriend.


A Somali man will never reveal a secret no matter how much you pester him.

If you strike a deal with a Somali, sleep soundly knowing that the secret will remain a secret forever.

They sleep with any woman

A Somali man is never satisfied with women. He will sleep with 1000 women and feel nothing.

If you have a Somali boyfriend, be sure the man has another girlfriend elsewhere or he will acquire one soon.

Good husband

No matter how many wives a Somali man will have, he must provide for every single wife and their children.