Home ENTERTAINMENT You Impregnated Your Maid-Alai Tells David Matsanga.

You Impregnated Your Maid-Alai Tells David Matsanga.



David Matsanga is excited this morning after being accused by Robert Alai of impregnating his house help and leaving her under the mercies of Jesus.

Matsanga, who has never returned to Uganda since he started eating the fat of Nairobi, commended the police and the government of harassing Alai and Nyakundi.

“Cyprian Nyakundi and Robert Alai whom i have never seen or shared anything in my life with wake up in the morning and write that “Dr.David Matsanga impregnated his house help who has never never been pregnant till today ” Nyakundi and Alai splashe this on twitter and Facebook, against Section 29 which is clear violation and harm done to me and my family, and now time has come .I see people yapping on press that or blogging blogging blogging what is blogging ? Is it to spoil people’s families and names by pretending to be a blogger. Get better jobs and lie to the government that you ate blogger my foot .Face the law now …………why panic go and fave the law”,Matsanga posted on his Facebook page

Blogger Robert Alai,Cyprian Nyakundi,Yassin Juma and other 7 bloggers are expected today at Milimani Courts to answer charges of misusing communication gadgets.

The 10 bloggers are accused of constantly attacking the government, sometimes releasing false and negative information concerning President Uhuru’s regime.




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