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Facts About Sales Executive Jobs in Kenya and Salaries



Sales Executives jobs are plenty in Kenya since most companies depend on these personnel to push their products into the market.

Every sector, be it banks, insurance companies, electronic shops, motor industry or government institution, require sales department.

You can get a job as a sales executive even if you didn’t study a course related to the profession. What is required is your personality and how best you will convince the customer.

Sales job is very demanding, and if you are not a talented marketer, you better not bother joining the profession. However, some individuals enjoy working in any sales related position.

Salaries for sales executive in Kenya

Many sales representatives/executives are underpaid in Kenya but there is a significant group which earn up to Ksh 1 million.

The basic salary for a fresh diploma graduate is Sh 20,000 while that of a degree holder is at least Sh30, 000.

The goodness with this profession is that there are commissions and bonuses you enjoy. Even if you are earning Sh20, 000, you will be surprised at the end of the month going home with Sh 50,000.

Another advantage of pursuing the profession is the fact that you can rise very fast within an organization based on your performance; you don’t have to know someone in order to grow-your performance speaks for itself.

Best companies to work for

Don’t ever try to work for a bank or insurance because you might develop complicated diseases out of pressure. Working for motor industry, pharmaceuticals, telecom industry, Government and NGO will be the best opportunity for you.