If Museveni Wins,I will Remove P@nties,Sit on Burning Charcoal,Roast My Clit@ris-Declares Stella Nyanzi,Makerere Lecturer



A Senior Lecturer at Makerere University, Stella Nyanzi, has shocked Ugandan people by declaring that she would Remove P@nties,Sit on Burning Charcoal,Roast her Clit@ris if Museveni wins the next general elections.

The Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Social Research could not hide her sycophancy to one of the longest serving Presidents in one of the poorest countries on earth.

“If Museveni wins the presidential elections in February 2016, I will slowly remove my p@nties, sit by my burning charcoal-stove, roast my clit@ris crunchy black, and use the burnt piece as a crayon to colour the Ugandan flag all black. In case the head of the electoral commission announces that Museveni is going to lead Uganda for five more years, I will get my hoe, carefully dig out my n@pples from each breast, pound them into a red bloody paint to highlight the constitutional articles that r@ped presidential term limits out of our land. If the ballot swings in Museveni’s favour, I will gently cut up my skull, yank my brains out of my head, put them in a white papyrus kikapu, take them to the House of Parliament, and nail them to the high ceiling of that powerful shrine. If Museveni wins this presidential election, I swear to God, I will pull out my fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus, make them into a beautiful necklace and sell them wrapped in the national flag to the lowest bidder on e-bay. Where is the pride and honour in being a Ugandan citizen ruled for over thirty years by the same man?”,Posted Stella on Facebook.

stella nyanzi


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