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Shocking Facts About Maasai Men



Maasai men are the most famous tribe in Kenya and beyond the country because of their culture. However, little is known about their traits.

This article will expound on common traits of this great community, some of them shocking.

Maasai’s are polygamous

It is almost impossible to find a Maasai man with only one wife. So, if you intend to marry a Maasai man, be prepared to welcome a second wife.

They are the best in bed

Maasai are the only men who can do the job for 4 consecutive hours without a break. They are the only men in Kenya who don’t use vi@gra to boost their performance.

They dominate their women

A Maasai man never gives his wife a chance to shine. He always thinks his decisions are final and no one in the family should go against his decisions.

They look down upon women to the extent of classifying them together with children.

They love their culture

In Kenya, it’s only a Maasai man who has followed his culture to the letter. Some of us don’t even know our identity.

They don’t have a clue about wealth and investments

A maasai man will keep 1000 cows. Then drought strikes.Shockingly, he will never sell even a single cow, ending up losing all the cows to drought.

Maasais are not in hurry to invest and are not aware how much they could earn from the huge tracts of land any herds of cattle they keep.

They have likeable character

A Maasai man will always be good to you unless you provoke him.

This man will always interact and live with any tribe without troubles.

They are always honest and humble, making them the coolest tribe in Kenya.