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Mugabe: I Will Rule Till God Says Come



Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has broken presidential hopefuls’ hearts by assuring them he is not about to bow out of the presidential race any time soon.

While speaking at AU-Summit in Ethoipia,the veteran politician said it is only God who can remove him from power.

In his hour-long speech, the soon to be 92-year-old leader said he would lead Zimbabwe until God called him.

“I will be there until God says come, but as long as am alive I will head the country, forward ever, backward never,” he said.

Mugabe said those who were saying he must hand over power to others were not democratic. He said such calls were emanating from Europe.

President Mugabe who was preceded on the podium by UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon and the chairperson of the AU Commission Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma was cheered wildly as he took a pot shot at United States President Barack Obama.

“There is Obama today. What is he? A voice made to speak their language, not our language,” he charged.

“Blacks suffer in the US today, there is no education for all, health for all.”

Mugabe had stumbled lightly before he reached the podium. The Zimbabwean leader has been in power since independence in 1980.

Thd 91-year-old is expected to extend his term after opponents chickened out from the presidential race.